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Welcome to the Zonssen Website. This is the website of Zonssen GmbH.

To better assist you please read the complete terms and conditions for the use of our service carefully. If you are under 18 years old please read as well the terms for the company of a legal representative and only use the services of this website with the consent of a legal representative.


This agreement is an agreement between you, Zonssen GmbH, and the third-party providers that Zonssen GmbH employs for the implementation of the services of this website. In these terms and conditions, “you” is referring to users, customers, and web service users. “We” is referring to Zonssen GmbH, its third-party providers and other involved service providers.

The framework of this agreement comprises all offered services, but is not limited to these.

Privacy Policy

Please read our “Privacy Statement“.

Intellectual Property

Zonssen GmbH holds the intellectual property rights of all the material and products offered on this website. The material on the website is protected by copyright.

Nobody without a written permission has a right to use, modify, copy, reproduce, or promulgate, or otherwise commercially use the information or materials offered on this website.

Every person that violates the intellectual property rights of Zonssen GmbH will be held legally responsible.


In the following cases Zonssen GmbH assumes no liability:

Zonssen GmbH will process your personal data only according to law;

All disputes arising from the usage of personal information by third-parties according to the terms and conditions;

Every temporary closing of the website due to hacking, computer viruses or governmental regulation;

All results according to higher force.

Amendments of the terms and conditions

To improve the quality of our service we will revise these terms and conditions from time to time. Amendments of the terms and conditions are effective immediately. If you are using this website, we assume that you give your consent to the terms and conditions. Therefore, you should regularly visit these terms and conditions to make sure that you know of the latest amendments. We will leave a date mark in the end of this paragraph.

latest update: 17.07.2018